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Bagotte BG600

1500Pa Strong Suction and Super-Slim 2.7" Good for Pet Hair

( 5 Reviews )

Super-strong 1500Pa Suction Power

freely Cleans From Floor to Carpets

Slim Design 2.7" and 55DB Low Noise

Maximum Suction Adjustment

Picks Up More Pet Hair Than Other Robot Vacuums


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    Crossing the Threshold

    Ultra-strong climbing ability can help to exceed the threshold up to 0.63 inch.

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    Stair Fall Protection

    All-around sensors protect your robot from falling down the stairs.

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    Anti-collision Sensors

    Intelligent navigation prevents the robot from bumping into the obstacle.

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    Automatic Charging

    It automatically returns to self-charging when power is below 20%.

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    3-point Cleaning System

    3-point Cleaning System

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    Ideal for Multiple Surfaces

    Unique 1500Pa suction power cleans easily on multiple floors.

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    Optional Cleaning Modes

    Multiple exclusive cleaning modes, fits well in several cleaning areas.

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    100 Min Processing Time

    2600mAh large capacity battery for up to 100 minutes carefree cleaning.

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  • Product Name:

    Bagotte BG600

  • Input:


  • Max Runtime:

    100 min

  • Charge Time:

    300-360 mins

  • Battery Type:

    DC 14.4 V Li-ion 2600 mAh

  • Dust Collector Capacity:


  • Sensor Technology:


  • Max Suction Power:

    1500 Pa

  • Auto-Dock and Recharge:


  • Ledge Detection:


  • Item Size:

    12.4 x 12.4 x 2.7 inches



What voltage is BG600 rated for? How long does it take to charge each time?

● Voltages: 100 - 120V
● Charging Time: 300 - 360 mins
● Run Time: 100 mins


How often do I need to replace the brush and filter? How to order?

For a better cleaning experience, we recommend replacing the accessories once every 2-3 months. You can order directly at our Amazon Store


What is the 3M tape and the roll of magnetic stripping for?

This is a magnetic strip that prevents the robot from crossing the boundaries and the robot automatically avoids it as it approaches it. You can put it on the stairs or wherever you don't want it to pass.
1. Measure and cut Magnetic Stripe to your desired length.
2. Firmly place Magnetic Stripe on the ground to create a barrier.
3. Vacuum Cleaner will not pass over the Magnetic Stripe.


What if BG600 suddenly cannot be activated?

1. Make sure the main power switch is in the ON position.
2. Make sure the battery is fully charged.
3. Replace the batteries (2 AAA) in the remote control.
4. Make sure the remote control is within range (16 ft/5 m) of robot.
5. If you still have trouble, turn off the main power switch, wait then turn it back on. If these suggestions don't help, please contact us at for more assistance.


What should I do if I can't schedule cleaning?

1. Make sure the main power switch on the bottom of robot is turned on.
2. Make sure the time, time of day (AM/PM), and the scheduled time have been set correctly.
3. Check if robot’s power is too low to start cleaning.



( 5 Reviews )

Better than expected

John Fish 05-19-2019


I purchased this robotic vacuum mainly for three reasons: - suction power - design - price Well, I already have a Roomba that I've paid around £500 back in 2012, and at that time you could only buy crap products if you didn't want to spend half a thousand quid on a decent robotic vacuum. Luckily, that has now changed. Included in the box of this Bagotte there are two replacement side brushes and an additional filter, the IR remote control (+ batteries), magnetic stripes (haven't used them), charging dock (+ UK wall plug), manuals+warranty, and a nice tool/brush/blade that helps with the cleaning/servicing. There are some details that let you understand this is a very good quality product, and not the classic Chinese mediocre ripoff: - on the front of the robot there is a rubber line that prevents the plastic bumper from scratching furniture or marking walls - the two buttons ("clean" on top, and on-off switch button on the bottom) are covered by a rubber shield so that dust won't get into them, this potentially means the robot will last longer - despite not having a complete mapping navigation system, this robot doesn't move completely randomly - the main brush is of very high quality, the plastic feels very sturdy and the mix of bristles and plastic "blades" on the brush axle make it suitable for both hard floors and carpets - the charging dock has a compartment, on the back, where to store the - it slows down before hitting a wall/leg, so it is very gentle when it touches your stuff The design is very good, the rubber button on the top gives a very good feedback and looks cool when it's highlighted in blue/purple/red, and the main surface on the top I believe it's made out of glass (or anyway very scratch-resistent plexiglass). Battery-wise, it lasts around an hour and a half in normal mode, and a full hour in max power mode. In both modes, it's much quiet than my Roomba. In auto mode, the robot will run until it gets low battery, then it will dock to recharge. In room mode, it will run for 30 minutes and then dock. And in max power mode it goes at up to 1500pa, which is very good for £199, as most of other robot vacuums at this price have between 800 and 1300pa. Talking about navigation, it goes very well around the house, first it goes back and forth in straight lines, then it does the edges, then again in the middle of the room without touching the edges, then again back-and-forth up to edges, edge cleaning, and middle of the room, kind of in loop. Which is much better than Roomba's random navigation. Also, having not just one but two side brushes, it cleans the edges much better than Roomba (much much better). Thanks to his reduced height, it also can go below my wall-hung toilet, where Roomba couldn't. The dust bin is HUGE (there's no official capacity stated anywhere, but I'm sure it's between 500 and 650ml - again, much bigger than Roomba's). Let's get to the negative points then: - it's only possible to schedule cleaning based on a single hour, so you can't select which days of the week you want the cleaning. Just the time, and it will run at that time every day (unless you delete the schedule) - when it starts a scheduled cleaning, it will always use normal suction power, you can't have it starting a scheduled cleaning with max power (not a big issue anyway, since a scheduled cleaning will run everyday, it doesn't need the maximum power) - it has no Wi-Fi or fancy "smart" features, there are other robots at this price that have them, however they have lower vacuum power, worse design and materials, and old-generation brushes. So, no thanks. I'll stick with my Bagotte with no Wi-Fi but that knows how to clean - the side brushes are made of a quite soft plastic, so they'll need to be replaced a bit more often than let's say the one of a Roomba (not a big issue, they works very well anyway, better than Roomba's single one, and they're very cheap to replace - literally less than £2 for a two brushes set on AliExpress, shipping included) - the glossy rim around the clean button is made out of plastic (unlike the main material of the top, which I believe is glass, as it's perfectly smooth with no marks whatsoever), and after two weeks it's all scratched (but that's also because it can clean in places that are too low for other vacuums, so kudos for that) I might update the review in case I realise I forgot to mention something or should something change. If you've got any questions, feel free to comment here below! :) (I know comments are only available if you're on Amazon desktop site, not on mobile unfortunately) Anyway, very very satisfied with the BG600, at £200 I think it's overall the best vacuum cleaner.

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