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Bagotte BG750

Robot Vacuum and Mop, Bagotte 2000Pa Wi-Fi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Gyro Navigation with Mapping System, Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, Boundary Strips, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors

( 3 Reviews )

2000Pa Super Suction & Water Tank

APP Intelligent Navigation & Map Planning

Voice Control & Magnetic Stripe Protection

Long Working Time & 0.6L Large Dust Bin



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  • Product Name

    Bagotte BG750 Robot Vacuum

  • Navigation


  • Room Mapping


  • Max Suction Power


  • Max Runtime

    120 Mins

  • Charging Time

    5-6 Hours

  • Dustbin Capacity


  • Auto Recharge


  • Edge Detection




Is it useful for cat hair?

Yes, this robotic vacuum cleaner can always clean our pets hair.


Do I have to buy an additional water tank?

Don't worry, the water tank is already included.


Is this robot vacuum suitable for cleaning large garbage particles?

We often use it to clean our house, whether it is large particles or small particles are very clean.


How is the wiping effect?

Large. The specially configured water tank is very suitable for our soil.


Can it clean the white powder on the floor?

It can completely clean the residue on the floor.


Bagotte BG750 User Manual.pdf
Bagotte BG750 APP Manual US.pdf


( 3 Reviews )

Vacuum and mopping two in one

Frank 12-28-2021


I bought a same brand robot before so I know it is awesome! My previous one only has the vacuum function, so I got this one which is equipped by vacuum and mop. The package with a total of four brush heads, two rags, and two filters. The extra is used to replace the old ones . It is really easy to set up right out of the box and the app is really cool. It does come with a remote control but the app is far handier. Everything you want it to do can be controlled by your phone. Anyway, tried it this weekend and really save me from cleaning work. Love it and highly recommend it!

This robot is a life saver!

Alex Alani 09-22-2021


We are really pleased with the Robot Vacuum. I was amazed at the floor plan of our house that it created. The first time I ran the vacuum it finished about half of our house before it headed back to the charging station. After it was fully charged, I selected continue to clean and it went back to were it had left off and finished the rest of the house. After the complete floor plan was created, I split the floor plan into the rooms of our house. So that we could designate areas to be cleaned. I divided the areas up so that the vacuum will not completely discharge before returning to recharge. It has always found its way back to the charging dock. The kitchen was divided into two section: kitchen and dinette so that the chairs for the dinette could be moved into the kitchen after it was cleaned. I went around the house before using the vacuum to insure that all cords were off the floor. There are several items on the floor that we move before cleaning if we want those areas completely cleaned. One throw rug had long tassels so we pick that up before hand. I selected the Guest room as a test to see if it could find it and clean it. It found the room, cleaned up and went back to the charge dock. I highly recommend this robot! 129 people found this helpful

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