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Bagotte BHV10

Bagotte BHV10 Cordless Car Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, 12Kpa Strong Suction, Portable and Lightweight, Hand Vac for Pet Hair, Car, Home, Office, Kitchen

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Strong Suction and Low Noise

Fast Charging and Long Working Time

Easy to Clean and Washable Filter

3 IN 1 Accessories and Comfortable Handle

Cordless and Lightweight


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    2-in-1 Charging Dock & Storage Stand

    You only need to insert the vacuum cleaner into the charging base after use, and take out the fully charged vacuum cleaner when you need to use it, which is very convenient.

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    Cordless and Lightweight Perfect for Car Cleaning

    The crevices in the car are the easiest place to hide dirt and are extremely difficult to clean. The Bagotte cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is lightweight and portable, helping you to clean the car easily.

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    Easily Clean up Pet Hair

    Whether it is long pet hair, hard pet hair, or pet hair that sticks tightly to the quilt, there is no big problem for Bagotte handheld vacuum cleaners. Let you no longer worry about pet hair.

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    Crevice Nozzle

    The gap nozzle of the Bagotte vacuum cleaner can clean small corners and narrow gaps in the home or in the car, which is not possible with other ordinary vacuum cleaners or traditional cleaning tasks.

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    One-Button Operation

    The ultra-convenient one-button operation makes the Bagotte handheld vacuum cleaner easier to use, and anyone can easily learn how to use it.

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    High Capacity

    Equipped with a rechargeable 2600mAh lithium-ion battery, maximum suction power up to100 watts (rated power of 90 watts), continuously run for 35 minutes.

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    Ergonomic Handle Design

    The smooth line design of the handle of the Bagotte handheld vacuum cleaner is more ergonomic, allowing you to hold it for a long time without any effort.

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    One-Release Button

    Point the top of the handheld vacuum cleaner to the trash can, press the dust cup one-release button, and then the dust cup will be released, and the dust cup can be emptied.

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    Fast>15min Slow>35min

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How much kPa suction power?

Approximately 13.0 kPa sealed suction, Standard 7.0 kPA.


What input voltage is printed on the power AC adapter?

100-240 volts


How long can you actually use this vacuum on one charge? (like how many minutes of continuous use)

We have had the vac off the charger (running) for over 30 minutes. Still going strong. Recharges quickly. We like the vac very much.


How do you clean the small accordion filter. How often should it be changed? Gets dirty fast.

I clean it out after each use, it only takes a few seconds so it’s easy to do


what's decibel noise level?

there is a variation in noise levels and it is marked by decibels,each of us can respond to different levels. Obviously they are telling you this item has a low decibel. I love the item myself and use it frequently.


BHV10 User Manual.pdf


( 5 Reviews )

You get what you pay for

Dr. Syd 09-05-2021


extremely happy with the premium quality, surprisingly powerful suction, quick charge and reasonably adequate run time, it picks up everything with ease , every bit as good as Shark and much better than Black and Decker... it has a more powerful mode when needed and is a doddle to empty and clean up .. form factor is amazing ... happy with my purchase

Nice versatile and powerful

Lee 09-01-2021


This is a great little vac, it's ideal for the small stuff and the odd spill. It's nice and light and very easy to use. Being cordless is a great bonus too. It dont take long to charge and I got around half hour on the standard setting and about 15 minutes on the more powerful setting. The suction is good enough on the standard setting too. Its very easy to empty and the filter is washable too. This is much better than my big branded one in every way. Definitely worth the money

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