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Bagotte BG600

1500Pa Strong Suction and Super-Slim 2.7" Good for Pet Hair

( 5 Reviews )

Super-strong 1500Pa Suction Power

freely Cleans From Floor to Carpets

Slim Design 2.7" and 55DB Low Noise

Maximum Suction Adjustment

Picks Up More Pet Hair Than Other Robot Vacuums


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    3-Point Cleaning System

    Three brushes and strong suction power effectively loosen, extract, and vacuum dust to give a superior clean.

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    Ideal Design

    Multiple cleaning modes cover almost all floor types. Operate flexibly and satisfie different cleaning needs.

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    Multiple Cleaning Modes

    Exclusive Multiple cleaning modes ensure an effortless, thorough clean while you do other things or nothing at all.

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    Intelligent Schedule Mode

    Ideal schedule cleaning modes and pre-set vacuuming time makes clean effortlessly while you working, sleeping or not at home.

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    0.6L Large Dust Box

    With a 0.6 L large capacity of dust bin, Bagotte robot vacuum holds up more pet hair, debris at one time, to reduce the frequency of emptying.

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    Seamlessly Cleaning

    Two large wheels are designed to move effortlessly from hard floor to carpet to seamlessly clean the messes.

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    Advanced Climbing Ability

    Cross over obstacles or threshold of maximum 0.68in height, no need to move it to another place or room.

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    100 Minutes Processing Time

    2600mAh large capacity battery for up to 100 minutes carefree cleaning, so you get to enjoy a completely clean home from a single charge.

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  • Product Name:

    Bagotte BG600

  • Input:


  • Max Runtime:

    100 min

  • Charge Time:

    300-360 mins

  • Battery Type:

    DC 14.4 V Li-ion 2600 mAh

  • Dust Collector Capacity:


  • Sensor Technology:


  • Max Suction Power:

    1500 Pa

  • Auto-Dock and Recharge:


  • Ledge Detection:


  • Item Size:

    12.4 x 12.4 x 2.7 inches



What voltage is BG600 rated for? How long does it take to charge each time?

● Voltages: 100 - 120V
● Charging Time: 300 - 360 mins
● Run Time: 100 mins


How often do I need to replace the brush and filter? How to order?

For a better cleaning experience, we recommend replacing the accessories once every 2-3 months. You can order directly at our Amazon Store


What is the 3M tape and the roll of magnetic stripping for?

This is a magnetic strip that prevents the robot from crossing the boundaries and the robot automatically avoids it as it approaches it. You can put it on the stairs or wherever you don't want it to pass.
1. Measure and cut Magnetic Stripe to your desired length.
2. Firmly place Magnetic Stripe on the ground to create a barrier.
3. Vacuum Cleaner will not pass over the Magnetic Stripe.


What if BG600 suddenly cannot be activated?

1. Make sure the main power switch is in the ON position.
2. Make sure the battery is fully charged.
3. Replace the batteries (2 AAA) in the remote control.
4. Make sure the remote control is within range (16 ft/5 m) of robot.
5. If you still have trouble, turn off the main power switch, wait then turn it back on. If these suggestions don't help, please contact us at for more assistance.


What should I do if I can't schedule cleaning?

1. Make sure the main power switch on the bottom of robot is turned on.
2. Make sure the time, time of day (AM/PM), and the scheduled time have been set correctly.
3. Check if robot’s power is too low to start cleaning.


Bagotte BG600 User Manual.pdf


( 5 Reviews )

Amazing robot vacuum

JohnnyVu 05-01-2019


This is amazing robot vacuum. cleaning very well and very quiet. very like this vacuum because every time it is go out battery , it automatically return the charger by itself. Also save me a lot time for cleaning my room. Now no more worry about cleaning my room because the robot vacuum do it for me.

Little beast

Ashish 04-08-2019


Bought this to upgrade my existing robotic vacuum cleaner and this didn’t disappoint at all. Great suction and better algorithm to navigate on tricky spaces. Easy to use and clean. Very affordable as compared to some well known brands. Would definitely recommend this if you are looking for a mid range vacuum cleaner and are open to look beyond big brands for better value for money.

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