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Bagotte DB-002

The faster, easier way to make healthy and delicious tasting juice

( 5 Reviews )

1000W Powerful Centrifugal Juicer.

Max 85mm Wide Mouth Feed Chute.

Dual Speed Modes And Anti-drip Function.

Easy To Clean And Overheating Protection.

Additional: Juicer Recipe Book & Brush.


  • DB002-US-A2.jpg

    85MM Feed Chute

    85mm wide mouth design, the whole fruits and vegetables can be put in for juicing without pre-slicing. Save time and convenience.

  • DB002-US-B2.jpg

    Easy to Clean

    With the exception of the main unit, all components are dishwasher safe. In addition, cleaning brush will save you a lot of cleaning time

  • DB002-US-B3.jpg

    1000W Powerful Motor

    1000W DC motor, the maximum speed can reach 23500r / min. You will be able to create 1000ml juice in just 10 seconds.

  • DB002-US-B4.jpg

    High Juice Yield

    The blade is made of 304 stainless steel and precision filter. After testing, the DB-002 juicer extracts 25% of fruit juice than other juicers.

  • DB002-US-B6.jpg

    Safety Locking Arm

    It makes sure that the cover is on tight while operating, no need to worry about using safety and juice spilling.

  • DB002-US-B03.jpg

    Anti-Drip Function

    Design with anti-drop function, no need to worry about juice spilling everywhere.Avoid wasting.


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  • Product Name

    Bagotte DB-002

  • Power


  • Color


  • Voltage


  • Pulp Tank


  • Juicer Jug


  • Feed Chute


  • Material

    304 Stainless Steel

  • Motor

    Dual-speed(Max 23500R/Min)

  • Weight

    about 8.3 lb

  • Size

    13 x 12 x 16 inch



Can the whole fruit and vegetables be put in?

You don't have to worry about it, this is the widest feeding chute on the market (85mm).


Is it sutable for banana?

It is suitable for most fruits and vegetables such as oranges, apples, celery and carrots. But it is not suitable for less water or thick fruits and vegetables, such as bananas.


Is it easy to clean?

This is a compact juicer extractor, very easy to disassemble and install. Stainless steel blades are completely safe for dishwashers, and an extra cleaning brush will help you clean the entire machine.


Can it handle like a whole Apple?

The widest 85mm feed chute on the market, super 1000W power allows you to make 1000ml juice in just 20 seconds.


Does it juice veg as well as fruit?

It is suitable for most fruits and vegetables, but not for less water and thick fruits and vegetables, such as bananas.


Bagotte DB-002 User Manual.pdf


( 5 Reviews )

What a great machine

MikeSmith 11-29-2019


My wife is an excellent cook and she is taking this juicing thing seriously, we are trying it out already for one meal replacement. It is a fun activity with the kiddos after school. So far this machine has not disappointed, easy to clean up and is very nice looking to match our stainless appliances. We simply keep it on the counter and it looks great.

I'm On The Juice Bandwagon

Alex & Kerri G. 11-26-2019


My kids are fruit and vegetable fiends, they really love healthy foods, it is just impossible to get them to sit down and eat anything. Another mom friend of mine suggested trying fresh juices, as the can drink them throughout the day, I was skeptical because most you purchase have added sugar and I was worried about loss of nutritional value over time so I decided it would be best to make our own juice at home.

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