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Bagotte BS900

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 25KPa Powerful Suction

( 5 Reviews )

Powerful Suction: The upgrade version provides 25KPa powerful suction. It can pick up debris and dusts, crumbs and pet hairs immediately which meet your any demands.

4 Stages High Efficient Filtration System: Complete sealing design and high-density HEPA filter which captures 99.99% of the microscopic dust.

Lightweight & Versatile: 2.84lbs lightweight main body enable you easily clean up from floor to high places, and upgraded floor head applied to all surface like hardwood, carpet, tile, vinyl etc.

Replaceable Battery & HEPA filter: You can replace battery and filter when it's nessecary that will maintain the performance and extend the life of your vacuum. And comparing the cost of other brands' replacement attachments, you can save more from Bagotte.

What You Get: Vacuum cleaner, lightweight aluminum alloy tube, charging base&wall holder and mounting accessories, crevice nozzle, stretchable hose, mini motorized head, electric LED floor head, user manual.



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  • Product name:

    Bagotte BS900

  • Charging time:

    2-3 hours

  • Maximum run time:

    55 mins

  • Suction:


  • Battery capacity


  • Dust Cup




Do you have to charge the battery in wall mount fashion?

It does not have a wall mount option so you can hang the vacuum on the wall.


Is tge battery in the vacuum or does it charge separate? I want to store in a closet without an outlet

You can take the battery apart from the vacuum and charge it separately. Hope that helps


Are filters washable for this vacuum?

Yes, it comes with a little circular filter that you can wash.


Can you turn off the beater bar for hard wood floors?

I don't see that option examining mine.


How long recharge sharp cordless stick vacuum?

If it's completely drained it will take about four hours to recharge.



( 5 Reviews )

Easy to use - super effective!

Danielle Serena 10-26-2021


The vacuum was easy to install and hang. I have three cats and a lot of fur on the floor and furniture, and I'm able to finish all of the vacuuming before the battery runs out. The vacuum is lightweight and flexible - easy to navigate around corners and tight spots, under chairs/couches/desks, etc. Works on rugs, tile, and hardwood! I also use the vacuum on the couch, and it picks up ALL of the hair in one go, much better and faster than the regular vacuum I previously was using. It's super simple to dump and clean the filter as well. It is a little loud, but not unbearable, not a complaint. I'm so happy with this cleaner!

ALL together a great vacuum

Nicole 10-01-2021


SO far this is Awesome! I love that you can vacuum- hair to food, no problem! I had a Dyson and we just moved across the country and need to buy a new one.. we have all wood floors with carpet rugs through out, we have 4 teenagers and 2 dogs. this is doing a GREAT job! I am SO glad we took he chase and bought it!! It gets under beds, under dressers.. get the rugs. and to SEE what is coming up is the BEST! my opinion is it is Better then the Dyson and 1/2 the price. buy it and you will see for your self!

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