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Bagotte BG750

4-in-1 Sweep Mop Robot Vacuum Cleaner

( 5 Reviews )

2000Pa Automatic Robot Vacuum: The BG750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with the 4-in-1 Function Mop, Sweep and Suction at Any Time. Just Adjust the Water Output through APP to Find the Most Suitable Floor Water to Output; Use Sweep and Suction Function Easily Absorb Pet Hair, Dust, Chocolate Beans, and even Large Nails.

Gyro Navigation & Mapping: Robotic Vacuums Cleaner use Advanced Gyro Navigation Technology. Compared with Other Robots Vacuum Cleaners, BG750 Has a Regular Path and Never Miss any Corner of the Home. Through App, Make View Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaning House Area Map in Real-Time.

Ultra-Thin & Self-Charging: The Smart Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot is Only 2.7" Designed to Solve the Inaccessible Garbage. Such as Low Sofas, Coffee Tables, and Cabinets. 5200 mAh Battery, 2000 Pa Power Suction, Runtime up to 120 Minutes. When Mop Robotic Vacuum Cleaning Completed or Low Battery; It will Automatically Return to the Charging Base and Recharge.

Smart App & Voice Control: Built-in Wi-Fi that Enables the app to Perform Remote Controls, Bagotte Robot Vacuum and Mop Works with Alexa and Google Assistant to conveniently Start and Stop Cleaning. Download the APP, Control the Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Various Functions Such as Cleaning Modes, Adjusting the Suction Power and Water volume, setting the Work schedule, etc.

What You Get: BG750 Sweep Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Charging Base, Power Adapter, 500ML Large Dust Bin, 300ml Water Tank, Magnetic Stripe, 2 Reusable Dishcloth, 4 Side Brushes, Machine Cleaning Brush, User Manual. We Provide 24 Months Professional Warranty.



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    Multi-Surface Cleaning

    BG750 robot vacuums covers the cleaning of various types of floors. With a one-button control APP, it can easily solve various types of garbage residues on floors, carpets and tiles

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    Ultra-Thin Design

    The design with a height of only 2.7" can effectively clean hard-to-reach areas, which is very suitable for cleaning the trash under the bed, sofa and cabinet

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    The Carpet is Fine

    You don't have to worry about the fusion of the floor and the carpet. The BG750 vacuum cleaner robot can perfectly move between the floor and the carpet, which can save you time

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    Powerful Suction

    Bagotte BG750 robotic vacuum and mop has a suction force of up to 2000 Pa, which makes it easy to vacuum dust, pet hair and dirt and create a spotless, clean home

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    Restricted Magnetic Stripe

    The perfect creation of the magnetic strip you own belongs to your restricted area. Robot vacuum will stop at the magnetic strip area and re-plan the route to complete the cleaning

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    You can recall your robot vacuum clean to the charging station with one click. When its battery is low, robot vacuum will automatically return to the charging dock to charge, and is ready to clean again at any time

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    High Efficiency Triple Filter

    The newly designed 3-layer filter system can effectively capture garbage and reduce the dust released into the air. The washable design effectively prolongs the service life

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    600 ml Dust Bin & 300ml Water Tank

    The 600ml large-capacity dust box can hold more garbage to ensure that there is no need to worry during cleaning. After vacuuming, you can use the water tank to wipe the floor more thoroughly

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    Easy Control with APP

    You can use APP to easily control everything and switch various cleaning modes at any time to achieve the effect you want

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  • Product Mode

    BG750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Suction Power

    2000Pa Wi-Fi Compatible

  • Super Long-lasting Battery


  • Clean Mode


  • Control Mode

    App Control/Voice Control

  • Dustbin Capacity


  • Water Tank


  • Vacuum Height




Bagotte robot vacuum can vacuum pet hairs? because I have 2 cats at home

I have a lot of cats at home and not just my hair but cats hair is everywhere, Robots doing a good job with vacuuming small and big dirt.


How is the suction power of this product?

The description says it is 2000pa, and the actual effect is okay. Its suction power can easily absorb the fine particles on my wooden floor, which is much better than the one I bought before. And I don’t have to mop the floor now. It's very convenient.the price is also reasonable.


I have a lot of little rugs and carpets at home, the robot vacuum can work?

It works great! I also like that I can schedule a time to clean the carpets automatically by using the remote control. I didn’t realize how dirty my carpet was until now, I was shocked after emptying the dirt/dust bin.


The sweep robot vacuum can Avoid traverse obstacles?

I just bought Bagotte mop robot vacuum. It Easy crosses the Carpet and Hard Floor; Relax avoid obstacles.


Will it fall off the steps?

No, it can sense it. It’s really cool to see, it's goes right up to the edge and stops and comes back



( 5 Reviews )

Great investment

Mike F. 11-26-2021


"This item arrived safe and well packaged. This robot vacuum cleaner is far more than just a vacuum. It's useful for around the house, especially if you like to keep a super-clean floor. This was super easy to set up, and plenty of customisable options to ensure that this works best within your own house. And the included boundary tape was super easy to lay and set up too, meaning it only patrols the rooms that I want it to. This has plenty of power with a 2000Pa motor. Once set up you can basically forget it's there. Well that's what I've done anyway! I am sure that you could spend all day monitoring it and checking up on it. But it actually works best when it's left to it's own devices. Just set it up and trust that your house will be clean every day... and that is exactly what I've done, and exactly what I've found. It maps the layout of the rooms, and finds the best routes to make efficient runs - and seems to really understand where it is and where is still left to clean. It is very very slim, low enough to get under most of my furniture... in many of the places I never used to vacuum! It switches between the hard tiles kitchen and short pile living area very well. It even gets over the door bars very well too. It also includes the extra water tank to allow this to mop too. This takes seconds to change! I have been doing this once per week so it can clean my kitchen floor even more effectively. This vacuum is everything that I hoped it would be, and I am very pleased with it's performance. I now have peace of mind that the house is being cleaned whilst I am out, so it is lovely when I arrive home! Now the big question... why didn't I buy one of these sooner?! It has been a fantastic investment. I highly recommend this product."

Good accuracy and suction

Alyshea Price 11-06-2021


It's got amazing accuracy, gets in all the corners. Get loads in the dust box too. It's not bad at mopping. No detergent used but good for a freshen up of wood floors. Can set up from phone. Good at detected edges, steps etc

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