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Bagotte BAP30

Bagotte Air Purifier for Home 65㎡ Large Room with True H13 HEPA Filter CADR 210m³/h, Remove Pollen Dander Dust Smoke and Odors, 24dB Sleep Mode Soft Light, 4 Fan Speeds, 1/2/4/8H Timer, Child Lock

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250m³/h high CADR and 65㎡/695ft² Effective area, available for large room

True H13 HEPA filters Filter 99.97% of particles

Ultra-quiet sleep mode, run at 24 dB with soft night light, button silence and button lights out

Timer and 4 fan speeds & full Certified

child lock, soft night light and filter change indication



Start a Healthy Lifestyle with Bagotte Air Purifier

    Bagotte is committed to offering high-quality household products that help customers reach the high end and pleasant life.

    Long-lasting true HEPA(H13-Grade) filters remove 99.97% of airborne contaminants down to 0.3 microns. For 0.1 micron air pollutants, the filtration effect can reach 99.99%

    This air purifiers are suitable for home large rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices, classrooms, apartments, etc. Let you and your family enjoy a healthy and fresh air. Also a great present and gift for families and friends.


·Power Supply: AC 120v, 60Hz
·Rated Power: 50 W
·CADR: 147CFM/250m³/h
·Applicable Area: 345 ft²
·Noise level: 24-55 dB
·Power Cord Length: 18m/59ft
·Dimensions: 9.4*9.4*16.1in/23.8*23.8*40.9cm
·Weight: 7.71lb/3.5kg

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    Filter Change Reminder

    After 3500h of accumulated operation, the night light will start flashing continuously, prompting to replace the filter screen; After replacing the filter screen, long press the night light button for 3 seconds to reset the filter screen and recalculate the time.

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    Sleep Mode

    Bagotte HEPA 13 air purifier operates at a sound level as low as 24 decibels. It will not interfere with your sleep, study, reading or work, and provide you with an additional comfortable quiet space. Let you and your family enjoy a healthy and fresh air.

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    Child Lock

    Child safety lock can be activated to disallow any changes of filtering modes and reduce the hazards. Press the display lock button for 3 seconds, the display lock function is turned on, and the display lock icon on the control panel is lit;

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    Touch-screen Control Panel

    Bagotte HEPA 13 air purifier adopt touch-screen Control, with rapid response and accurate positioning; Simple and reliable operation; It is also easy to operate in a dark environment. All functions are easily controlled with icon descriptions on the touch screen control panel.

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  • Brand


  • Model Number


  • Suitable Room Size


  • CARB Certified


  • Filtration System

    Three-stage true HEPA H13 filter

  • Fan Speeds

    1, 2, 3, sleep mode

  • Timer

    2-4-6-8 Hour

  • Night Light


  • Noise


  • Rated Power


  • Dimensions


  • Weight




How big is it suitable for a room? It says it is suitable for rooms up to 65 square metres, so is this air purifier suitable for small rooms of just over 30 square metres?

The larger the room the more power it needs to purify. The CADR 250 is able to purify large rooms and small rooms are more than enough for it. Put it in a small room and you can use low power and low air speed, enough to clean the air in a small room.


Will this air purifier remove the smell of cigarettes?

It will eliminate any odours in the air within a few hours , such as pet odours, cooking smells and smoke, and the air purifier will remove any lingering smoke odours from the air.


How long does the filter last?

The air purifier has a filter change reminder, which will remind you to change the filter at around 6-8 months depending on usage.


Will this eliminate cooking smells in the kitchen?

It can eliminate cooking smells that spread into the living room and rooms, or residual grease odours in the kitchen. However, to eliminate grease odours while cooking, it is best to use the extractor hood directly, which is specifically designed to remove grease odours in the kitchen.


Will the air purifier get rid of mouldy smells?

The air purifier can go out for mouldy smells, it says it filters out mould spores and it is better for your health to live in a mould free environment.


Bap30 User Manual.pdf


( 4 Reviews )

works very well and is a very good size that can be adapted to any space

Francisca 11-28-2021


It is very easy to use, it works very well, and it came in a very good packaging to protect the product. I love that it has three speeds and you can set it for how long you want it to work. The design is incredible and a very good product in terms of quality and price

Nice replacement of my old purifier

Mrs L 11-27-2021


I brought this replace my old air purifier that sits between my kitchen and living room. So far so good, it cleans the air for me in both rooms. Has a nice design to it, much more compact than my old purifier. On top of that it’s quite quiet on first two settings

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