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Bagotte BG600 Max

Bagotte BG600 Max Robot Vacuum, Upgraded 2000Pa Strong Suction, 2.7in Thin, Super Quiet, Smart Self-Charging, Boundary Strip, Good for Hardwood Floor Carpet Tile Pet Hair

( 6 Reviews )

Upgraded 2000Pa Supreme Suction Power

Boost-intellect Technology on Carpet

Ultra-Thin 2.7" Design & 55dB Low Noise

Smart Navigation System with 6 Cleaning Modes

100 Mins Running Time & Auto Return Charging


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    Ideal for Multiple Surfaces

    Unique 2000Pa suction power cleans easily on multiple floors.

  • 3.jpg

    Stair Fall Protection

    All-around sensors protect your robot from falling down the stairs.

  • 4.jpg

    Automatic Charging

    It automatically returns to self-charging when power is below 20%.

  • 5.jpg

    3-point Cleaning System

    Double-sided brushes plus central brush achieve the best cleaning effect.

  • 6.jpg

    Crossing the Threshold

    Ultra-strong climbing ability can help to exceed the threshold up to 0.68 inch.

  • 7.jpg

    Anti-collision Sensors

    Intelligent navigation prevents the robot from bumping into the obstacle.

  • 8.jpg

    4 + 2 Cleaning Modes

    Exclusive 4 + 2 technology cleaning modes, fits well in several cleaning areas.

  • 9.jpg

    High Efficiency Filter

    Triple air purification filters can help you filter the allergen in the dust.

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  • Product Name

    Bagotte BG600 Max

  • Input


  • Max Runtime

    100 min

  • Charge Time

    300-360 mins

  • Battery Type

    DC 14.4 V Li-ion 2600 mAh

  • Dust Collector Capacity


  • Sensor Technology


  • Max Suction Power

    2000 Pa

  • Auto-Dock and Recharge


  • Ledge Detection


  • Item Size

    12.4 x 12.4 x 2.7 inches



How long is the warranty for this product?How is the customer service if you have to contact them?

Every Bagotte BG600 MAX Robot Vacuum Cleaner is covered with 1 year seller's guarantee. Any problems please contact our customer service team via Amazon email system or (attach the country and order ID).We are very happy to solve any problems you have.


Dose this robot vacuum cleaner automatic clean from one room to anther room?

It all depends your choice on the remote control. There are 6 cleaning modes, when switched into


How long does this take to charge?How long can it work for before it need charge again?

It will take 5-6h to full charge the vacuum robot. After full charged, the robot would work up to 100 minutes, but robot will clean and then stop after 30 minutes in


Do you know how about working in the carpet?

The robot can effectively sweeps away hairs, debris and dirts even under bed, sofa and chair (robot thick 2.7'') for hard floors, tiles and low-pile carpet, brings you a neat home.


What is the magnetic strip for? Does it come with the magnetic strip?

To put in areas you don't want it to bash onto, things that might fall over, or where there's cables etc.Yes it comes with magnetic tape.


Bagotte BG600 MAX User Manual.pdf


( 6 Reviews )

Fresh Out Of The Box Happy

Holly 10-25-2020


I got this package on Friday afternoon and immediately plugged it in to charge up so that I could try the robot as soon as I could. Now it is Sunday. The robot has cleaned my main living floor 4 times (once every day and once because I wanted to see how it would maneuver around obstacles). I have not been this happy with a product fresh out of the box for a long time. Pros: -The suction and brushes are great. It cleans the area very well and it has cleaned up all the normal dust and dirt from the day in my home. -It smoothly moves from my hardwood floor, to my kitchen tile, back to hardwood, and then to the stone flooring in my foyer. It does not get stuck or stall at these transitional places. -The sensors are amazing. The video I posted shows it coming towards the stairs and avoiding a vent. In another trial the robot went towards my stairs leading to the basement. It came close to the edge, however, the sensors detected the edge of the stair and the robot self corrected and didn't go over! It just cleaned the small space and continued on. It also navigated under my dining room table and chairs without getting stuck. It did this several times on its own and I never had to pull it out from under the table. It navigated smoothly through all the legs of the chairs since they were pushed in. -It isn't very loud. I won't say it is quiet, but it is loud enough that I hear it coming into the room I'm in but I can still carry a conversation or watch TV without needing to adjust the volume. -It goes under furniture!!! I have an old desk, a coffee table, and a hutch that could be a bit difficult to get under. This robot fits under them all and cleans so well! Cons: -It isn't silent. Quiet yes. I know this is a preference for some. It is a lot quieter than a standard vacuum cleaner so I'm completely happy with that. -Small corners are difficult. As you will see in the video the robot does not go very close to the stairs. I swept the dust from there about an inch out and the robot picked it up but that was a lot easier than sweeping my whole floor. Overall, a resounding 5 star rating. This product is helping this new homeowner keep her home sparkling!

I like watching this thing clean my house!

Steve 09-28-2020


Ordered this vacuum to help prepare for a new baby in the house. Wanted something that could do general cleaning with minimal intervention from us. This thing has exceeded expectations. It chases and successfully catches dust bunnies - eradicating one of most elusive pests in our house :). The suction bin is decent size (never had another one to compare it to). I with there was a better way to set boundaries. Using an adhesive strip that could, in theory, damage floors or other surfaces it is attached to, isn't super convenient. The remote control is easy to work and works well. The vacuum suction itself is strong and I was impressed watching it suck up bobby pins and other random things it would find. It was hard to know in the beginning where it would get stuck and then being able to get under wherever it was to rescue it. I would put down markers to keep it from under the couch on some sides but don't want to use adhesive on the carpet. I am going to potentially get some small wood pieces to put out when we vacuum as a solution for now. I don't think it not having wifi is a big deal, and the features it has on the remote for edges, "areas", going home, etc all make it very handy to have. Highly recommend!

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