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Bagotte BG800 Max

3000Pa Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop

( 6 Reviews )

3000PA Strong Suction for In-Depth Cleaning

Higher precision navigation technology

4 in 1 Sweep, Roll, Vacuum & Mop

Durable Runtime and Advanced Carpet Detection

Smart App & Voice Control

Long Lasting Lithium Batteries

Water tank and 2 mop cloths are included




Why choose Bagotte Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop?

Bagotte robot vacuum cleaner adapted the advanced gyroscope and optical flow navigation technology, which allows for deeper and more efficient carpet cleaning. It is controlled by the smart Bagotte app, compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant by Wi-Fi convenience(Note: Only supports 2.4GHz network). Simply voice commands can let the robotic vacuum cleaner to clean while you are relaxing. And you can use the Bagotte app to schedule cleaning, regardless of where you are!

Reduce Vacuuming Chores

Bagotte BG800 Max mop robot takes up your chores, so you don’t have to. Multiple cleaning modes and auto-clean scheduling ensure an effortless, thorough clean while you are relaxing.

Strong Cleaning Machine

3000Pa of suction power ensures your home is clear of dirt, dust, and crumbs. Bagotte robot vacuum may be super-slim, but it equipped with the advanced gyroscope and optical flow navigation technology which deliver meticulous cleaning.

Clean at Anytime

BG800MAX robot vacuum cleaner is only 2.75” tall to clean under low-hanging furniture with ease. And you can set a cleaning schedule as you want wherever you are via the Bagotte APP.

Less Dust, Less Mess

A large 0.5L dustbin allows Bagotte robot vacuum fo pet hair to pick up more dirt and dust to take full advantage of 150 minutes of continuous cleaning, and offer you a clean home.

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    No Go Zones

    You can set a physical "No Go Zones" where the robotic vacuum cleaner can not access to with the 2*supplied magnetic strip(6.6ft/2m), so that the robot mop will not move to the place you don't want it to.

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    Long Runtime

    Bagotte 800MAX robot vacuum adopts the same type of BYD electric vehicles long lasting lithium batteries, which is powered by 3200mAh and runs for 150 minutes, give you a cleaned home with one clean-up.

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    Smart App & Voice Control

    Free your hands to the full extent, simple and convenient! Bagotte 800MAX robot vacuum works with App、Alexa, and Google Assistant. You can customize your cleaning routine with the APP for better cleaning.

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    Self-Recharge Function

    When the battery is low or cleaning is completed, the vacuum robot cleaner will automatically return to the charging dock to charge, you can also recall your vacuum cleaner to the charging station with one click.

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    Anti-Drop & Anti-Collision

    Equipped with the advanced infrared-sensor for evading obstacles and drop-sensing tech, the smart robot vacuum cleaner can avoid falls and protect itself and your belongs.

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    Ultra-Thin Design

    With a height of only 2.75", Bagotte robot vacuum cleaner and mop can effectively clean hard-to-reach areas, suitable for cleaning the trash under or around the bed, sofa and other furniture.

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  • Product name:

    Bagotte BG800 Max

  • Charging time:

    300-360 mins

  • Maximum execution time:


  • Chip type:

  • Dynamic driver:

  • Bluetooth version:

  • Noise reduction depth:


  • Loading method:

  • Battery:

    DC 14.4 V Li-ion 3200mAh

  • Item size:

    32.5L x 32.5W x 7.3H centimetres



Does this vacuum robot have a water tank? How to use the mopping function?

Hi, thanks for your question, This Bagotte 800max vacuum robot comes with a water tank, no extra purchase is required. please replace the dust box on the robot vacuum with a water tank to use the mopping function.


What's in the package of the Bagotte 800max robot vacuum cleaner?

1x Bagotte smart vacuum robot cleaner, 1x charging base, 1x power adapter, 1x dust bin, 1x water tank, 2x mopping cloth, 1x additional high-performance filter and foam filter, 4x side brushes, 2x boundary strip, cleaning tool, 4x Adhesive tape, APP install manualuser guide


Can this robotic vacuum be used on carpets?

Yes, of course. Our new BG800MAX robot vacuums come with a carpet boost function and they work great on carpets



( 6 Reviews )

A current necessity

The OP 11-11-2022


I'm a big fan of robot cleaners and consider the fact that everybody should have one, or at least one if not two in their home in the same way that people should have a vacuum cleaner. I currently have three myself one in my back garden office one downstairs and one upstairs, all of which are on daily timers to come on on a regular basis and keep the floor nice and clear. It used to be the case that robot cleaners could only do a top up and you would then need a more in depth vacuuming throughout the week however it appears that's not the case anymore as the strength of them including this one in particular stops the need for the extra top up. I chose this robot cleaner in particular for my office as I have both carpeted and hardwood areas which both need to be cleaned at the same time so this can go over and recognise the difference between both surfaces and still clean them perfectly, it maps out the entire area in order to know where it's going and then you can see through its connected app where it's cleaned and if it's had to miss any spots so you can see if you need to move things out of the way in order to get into various locations like under desks or tables etc. One person found this helpful

Gift for grandmother

Alm 11-07-2022


I bought it for my grandmother, she really likes that it washes and vacuums, she uses it every day now :D the game is now every day. I could make it in other colors and there would be a bigger selection. works really well for this price And charging cable could be longer. One person found this helpful

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