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Bagotte BAF80

5.8QT Large Capacity Stainless Steel Style

( 5 Reviews )

"XL 5.8QT size for 3-6 people

Stainless steel body design 85% less oil

Non-stick basket and dishwasher safe

Knob and touch screen control

100 original and delicious recipes"


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    Knob Control

    Easier to operate than digital touch screen fryers, especially for the elderly.

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    Dishwasher Safe

    You can put the basket in the dishwasher without any cleaning hassles.

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    Detachable Basket

    One-click separation of frying basket and pot, flexible use and easy to clean.

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    Nonstick Basket

    The surface of the basket has multiple layers of coating to avoid food sticking to the basket after work.

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    360 ° Uniform Heating

    Hot air circulates around the food to maintain the original flavor of the food.

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    Tasty Results

    The BAF80 air fryer can achieve perfect crispness on the outside, tender on the inside results.

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    Power-off Protection

    Pull out the basket, power off automatically. Put in the basket, the air fryer will continue to work.

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    Integrated Air Filter

    Filter odors and fumes from work, then take you back to a clean kitchen.

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  • Capacity

    5.8 Quart

  • Voltage


  • Power


  • Material

    Stainless Steel + PP

  • Temperature Control


  • Timer


  • Recipes




What is the size? dishwasher safe?

The size of the basket is 5.8QT suitable for families of 3-6 people, you can put it in the dishwasher to avoid the hassle of cleaning.


Is the basket non-stick? what material?

This BAF80 Air Fryer uses a non-stick inner basket which is PFOA-free and FDA-certified. You can use it with confidence.


Can i fry the whole chicken?

This airfryer can hold 5-6 pounds of whole chicken.


What is the manufacturer's warranty for this product?

30 days free replacement and refund, 12 months worry-free warranty.


What are the 8 preprogrammed options?

French fries, Steak, Fish, Shrimp, Drumstick, Cake, Chicken and Bacon.


Bagotte BAF80 User Manual.pdf


( 5 Reviews )

Air fryer stainless steel exterior

Sarit 03-22-2020


I wanted to give the air fryer world a try and went ahead and made a purchase for this specific one. I have done numerous research and learned that the air fryer cooking feature is much healthier than frying. I like how little to no oil I needed to use to make my kids chicken nuggets and French fry lunch. It was super easy to figure out how to use, I read the instruction Manuel briefly and by testing it out I was able to use it. This air fryer has a nice stainless steel exterior which matches my kitchen very well. The inside is large enough to cook a good amount of food at any one given time. I also like how easy it is to wash. This air fryer also comes with a cooking booklet with numerous ideas and recipes. The price is comparable to many other air fryer on the market however this one is a lot nicer looking and doesn’t s stick out like a sore thumb like many others I’ve seen in store. Overall I highly recommend this air fryer, learn how to use it and enjoy making healthy foods like air fried French fries, eggplant squares, and pizzas.

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