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Bagotte BS800

Bagotte 21KPa Powerful Suction Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Home Hardwood Floor Carpet and Pet Hair

( 7 Reviews )

21KPa Powerful Cyclonic Suction

Up to 30 Minutes Fade-free Power

Deep Cleans Anywhere, Easy to Empty

9 Modes Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless Design & Stainless Steel HEPA Filter



Why will you choose the Bagotte BS800?

About the BS800 vacuum cleaner? 23KPa cyclonic suction is more powerful than others. Up to 30 minutes of Fade-free power running time. The efficient HEPA filter can clean up to 99.99% dust granules. The latest version cordless vacuum cleaner launched by Bagotte in 2020. 3-in-1 Vacuum: Stick vacuum, upright vacuum, and handheld vacuum.

    2-in-1 brush Floor brush roller Multi-task brush Charging adapter Long crevice nozzle Cordless stick vacuum Battery pack assembly Metallic pipe assembly

About US Bagotte is a professional brand focusing on Home & Kitchen. Bagotte robot vacuum and cordless vacuum cleaner are well-known in Europe and America. We are dedicated to bringing our customers premium, high-quality, and functional household products. Our vision is to continuously innovate and improve our products based on customer needs as well as current industry trends.

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    Powerful BLDC Motor

    Adopts 225W BLDC motor, Bagotte cordless stick vacuum delivers up to 23KPa powerful cyclonic suction to pick up both small and large particles on both carpet and hardwood floor to meet all your cleaning needs.

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    Detachable Battery Pack

    7-ceiling lithium-ion battery provides a 2400mAh power, continuous power supply for 15-30 minutes. And The battery can be easily removed to replace.

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    Rotatable Brush Head

    270°swivel steering design, freely rotates, fold it all the way down to go under the furniture and bed, clean every corners of house. Never miss any corners.

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    Crevice Nozzle

    It can help you clean all kinds of corners, all kinds of sofa gaps, under the bed, under the sofa, etc.

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    Removable and washable filters

    The filters and dust containers are removable and washable. Please follow the directions, rinse with water and dry in a well-ventilated place.

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    Upgraded LED Light

    Slim Design with Bright LED Lights, allows you to see and clean all dust in the dark and low clearance.

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    2-in-1 Cleaning Brush

    With 2-in-1 Cleaning brush, you can clean more easily for laptops, window sills, and other areas.

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    Car Vacuum Cleaner

    The BS800 vacuum cleaner can be used as a car vacuum cleaner, which has a higher suction power than a car vacuum cleaner and it completely cleans your car.

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  • Suction:

    21 KPa

  • Rated output:

    225 W

  • Charging time:

    3.5-4.5 hours

  • Working time:

    15-30 minutes

  • Battery type:

    2400mAh lithium battery

  • HEPA Stainless Steel Filter



Is this vacuum powerful enough to replace sweeping hard wood floors?

It is 21 KPa cyclonic suction to clean up to 100% mess


How long does it work each charge?

2400mAh large capacity battery can be fully charged in 4 hours, 15-30mins running time.


Is the Hepa filter washable?

Yes, of course. If there is too much dust, you can wash with water. Put it back after completely dry.


Do you have to hold the on-off button down the whole time or is it a push-button on-off?

Just press a push-button on-off, which is very convenient.


Is it free-standing?

Yes, it can stand by itself. When it's not in use, you can leave it sitting on the floor.


Bagotte BS800 User Manual.pdf


( 7 Reviews )

15 Minutes of Assembly, Then Clean, Clean, Clean!

EEMF 09-21-2020


This Bagotte vacuum cleaner is awesome! It’s cordless, USB-chargeable, lightweight, and maneuverable! We’ve got a lot of laminate and tile in our house, and this vacuum is suited to clean those surfaces. It rolls along smoothly, picking up dirt as it goes. Even though it’s quiet, it has maximum pick-up power. Because it’s small, light, and flexible, it will go around, under, in between, and over tight or hard to reach places. It takes 4-5 hours to charge it, but then it lasts for a long time. My husband assembled it within 15 minutes. When it’s time to clean it out, it’s a quick snap to remove, empty, and re-install the dirt compartment. Same for cleaning the filters. The price can’t be beat! It’s under $200! It also has other attachments for different types of surfaces/cleaning scenarios! I’m a happy customer!

Perfect for pets

Ronny Acosta 08-24-2020


I ordered this vacuum previously, however, that one came with attachments while this one didn't. Since I don't need the attachments, I ordered this one and it's perfect. This vacuum is by far one of the best vacuums I've owned. Previously, I've owned more expensive vacuums and this vacuum is way better than those that I probably paid too much for. I owned a $2500 vacuum and the amount of mess it took to empty the bag out, was way too much of a hassle and required me to vacuum again after changing it. With this vacuum, there's no bag to change out and when cleaning out the canister, I don't have to worry about a mess spilling out everywhere. When using the shorter option, I usually do this to vacuum furniture or even when cleaning out the trunk of my car or SUV. The best thing about this vacuum is that it picks up cat litter. Majority of the vacuums I've owned, always leave behind a lot more litter than it actually vacuumed up. As you can see in the video, the only litter that gets left behind is what goes under the mat and my cabinet. When I put the attachments on this vacuum, it again vacuums up ALL of the litter. I have a 2-story home and a trailer. I ordered this to keep one downstairs and when we go camping, we take this vacuum to help clean out the trailer. When we do bring in dirt from outside, this vacuum cleans it up like nothing. The suction power on this vacuum is strong. Love having the option of either having this as a tall stand up or a short to clean a variety of fabrics, furniture and areas. I've even been able to vacuum my mattresses when I have this in the short form. I have tile, cement and wood floors. No matter which floors I vacuum, this vacuum's suction power is amazing. All of my floors actually get clean when I use this vacuum compared to my old one. Another thing I found surprising with this vacuum, even when I turn this off, nothing falls out because I turned it off. My last vacuum would not fully clean my floors as stuff would be stuck inside of the tube. Once I turned if off, whatever was in the tube would fall back out onto my floors. With this vacuum, once it sucks up the dirt and fur, it goes in the canister and does not stay in the tube. Once I turn this vacuum off, there is nothing left on my floors. Definitely a great vacuum.

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