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Bagotte BG800

Bagotte BG800 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mapping Function, WLAN Robotic Vacuum with 2200Pa Suction Power and Automatic Carpet Mode

( 8 Reviews )

Strongest Ever 2200Pa Suction Power

Real-Time Room Mapping Function

Convenient Control with APP & Voice

Efficient Route without Missing Area

Auto-Boost Technology for Carpet


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    Powerful* & Quiet

    The advanced brushless motor generates 3 adjustable suction power(MAX 2200Pa) levels while maintaining quiet operation (only 55 dB*) to give a superior cleaning experience.

  • Precise Navigation

    Efficient navigation saves up to 50% of cleaning time and avoids repeating or missing certain areas in your home.

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    gyroscopes & Optical-tracking

    The BG800 always stays on the right track during dust-busting and calculates how much area it has worked over.

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    Super Endurance

    A clean home from a single charge! The working time could vary with houses/flats of different area(m²) and structure.

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    Always Ready

    Detects the charging station and returns automatically after each cleaning. Always ready for the next vacuum with full power.

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    Cleans Everywhere

    For low/medium-pile carpets, tiles, laminate or hard floors. Not suitable for high carpets. The Triple-Filter system keeps you away from the dirt, pet hair, and allergen.

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    Auto-Sense Technology

    With 14 built-in advanced infrared sensors, the BG800 robot vacuum cleaner knows exactly where the stairs, steps, and obstacles are.

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    Multiple Schedule Cleaning

    7-day schedule - Simply preset the time and day even the cleaning mode via your smartphone. Select multiple days within a week!

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  • Product Name

    Bagotte BG800 Robot Vacuum

  • Navigation

    Gyroscopes & Optical Motion tracking & 14 Infrared Sensors

  • Room Mapping


  • MAX Suction Power


  • Input


  • Max Runtime

    120 Mins (Low Suction)

  • Charging Time

    5-6 Hours

  • Battery Type

    DC 14.4V Li-ion 2600mAh

  • Dustbin Capacity


  • Auto Recharge


  • Edge Detection


  • Package Size

    43*35*11.8 cm

  • Noise




Whats the name of the app to download from the iOS ?


Can I schedule daily cleanings with the App?

Yes, of course you can. But it is only supports once cleaning per day. If you need to set multiple cleanings a day or different days, we suggest you set it via


Can I turn on vacuum from a different house via the app? Or i need to be home to turn on?.

Hello, with the wireless control function, you can easily start, stop, schedule, and customize house cleaning anytime, from anywhere with


Does it stop at the top of the stairs?

Yes. It detects the edge and stops/turns so it doesn’t fall.


Does the BG700 work with boundary markers?

This robotic vacuum has included boundary markers you can use to prevent it from entering certain areas of the house.


Bagotte BG800 APP Manual.pdf
Bagotte BG800 User Manual.pdf


( 8 Reviews )

nice robot at an affordable price!

Jay Jia 11-27-2020


Got this Robot cuz my roommate pays great attention to personal hygiene and often invites me to clean the apartment together. I’m not a dirty person, but a little lazy, so I bought this for our apartment. Luckily, we are both quite satisfied with it. The vacuum gets all the features I expected from it. It cleans and swipes, maps the room, and works well with the app. Although it doesn’t support Siri, it works well with my Google Assistant and Alexa. It has 2200Pa suction power, which is great, and cleans every part it passes. The sensor works great that makes it fast and reliable. I will recommend reorganizing the outlets and cords on your floors before turn on the machine, and it will avoid some trouble. Overall, I am satisfied with this new assistant in our apartment. If you are looking for an affordable robot vacuum cleaner that has good features, or you want to try a good robot vacuum cleaner. I definitely recommend this one.

Before, I thought my floor was clean

Sean 11-14-2020


I have an old Roomba to do all the vacuum cleaning. Even after each cleaning cycle, I can feel something on the floor when I walk barefoot. I decided to search Amazon for a replacement. As soon as I charged the device up when it arrived, I ran an auto-clean cycle and looked at all the dust and hair it had picked up. In one clean cycle. I was surprised at the fact that the floor was so dirty and the effectiveness of the device. This is way smarter than my old roomba because it actually vacuums thoroughly throughout the entire floor. It's very satisfying to clean the bit after each cycle to see how much dust/dirt it has removed from the floor. I am a happy customer.

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