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Bagotte BG700 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 1600Pa Alexa & App Connected Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, 2.7" Thin, Super Quiet, Self-Charging Auto Sweeper for Pet Hair, Carpets, Tiles, Hard Floors

( 5 Reviews )

Intelligent App & Voice Control

1600Pa Strong Suction

Superior Schedule Cleaning

Smart Navigation System

100Min Running Time & Self-recharge



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    3-Points Cleaning System

    It's equipped with 2 side brushes, a roller brush, and a strong 1600PA max suction motor, which work together to capture 99% of the dirt and pet hair.

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    Multiple Controls

    Although WiFi makes the cleaning experience better. It comes with a remote that you can use to set everything up in case of without WiFi.

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    Special Timing Function

    Customize a cleaning schedule to clean any time via your smartphone. Select multiple days and ensure your floors are always spotless.

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    Intelligent Detection

    Smart-sensing technology enables to seamlessly navigate around and under obstacles, and sweep along wall edges, while avoid stairs and collisions.

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    Non-Stop Cleaning

    Automatically detects surface types to optimize the suction power. Large wheels roll over to your floors and carpets ( 0.68" ) to get to the mess.

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    Easy to Find your Robot

    If your BG700 robotic vacuum gets stuck or is playing hide-and-seek, just click the "Find My Robot" button in the app to find it without effort.

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    Cleans Further and Longer

    100 mins runtime and a 0.6L dustbin allow to pick up more dirt of continuous cleaning, eliminating the need to empty it halfway through cleaning.

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    Automaticlly Recharge

    BG serises vacuum cleaner robots are designed to recharge themself. Automatically return to the Home Base to recharge and resume.


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  • Charging time

    5-6 hours

  • Max running time

    100 mins

  • Powerful suction

    1600Pa max

  • The volume of the dust box

    0.6 L

  • Side brooms

    Nylon material

  • Rechargeable battery

    Lithium battery

  • Air Filtration

    High-Performance HEPA Filter

  • Item size

    43*35*11.5 cm



Does this robot vacuum work with an iPhone, or just with Alexa and google assistant? and if it does work with the iPhone, how does one set it up?

Both Alexa and Google Assistant are optional accessories for your BG700 robot vacuum cleaner. You can still access the robot vacuum with your iPhone or Android devices using the


Is the BG700 limited warranty available if purchased through Amazon?

A robot vacuum cleaner purchased from will come with a 1-year warranty if it's sold by the Bagotte store and fulfilled by Amazon.


Will it clean where the WiFi signal does not reach?

It will clean anywhere you want it to clean. Just set it in that room and press the CLEAN button on the unit.


Can I start and stop this with my phone while I’m not at home ?

Yes. The App is the best way to interact with the unit.


What are the dimensions, does it go under furniture?

It depends on how high off the floor your furniture is. I love ours, because it can clean under the beds - especially our king size bed that I cannot reach with a regular vacuum. Prevent it to go through the space lower than 2.87 in/73 mm.


User Manual.pdf


( 5 Reviews )

Great product

Sandra 12-19-2019


I just got my Bagotte today but I can already tell it is great! My entire apartment has dark carpet and the vacuum has no issue finding its way around. It is also able to find its way right back to the charging dock and goes back to it automatically once its battery is low. It moves onto my hardwood kitchen with no issues. It is easy to clean and set up! The only problem I cannot create a schedule for it at first. I can tell that there are buttons to create a schedule. After consulting, I can see it and set the schedule on my phone screen. I have three cats in my apartment and I can already tell this is going to be a great investment.

I will recommend it

Hera 12-16-2019


This Bagotte BG700 robot vacuum cleaner is so nice. It is easy to set up and use. Easy to operate for daily use. Connect with the wifi in the house and start to clean. It comes with powerful suction that can remove the hairs in my place. When this robot vacuum cleaner working, it is not making a loud noise. This robot vacuum cleaner is working with the head floor or carpet just fine. I think I bought the right tool for the house clean. I will recommend it.

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