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UK Bagotte BG600

1500Pa Strong Suction and Super-Slim 2.7" Good for Pet Hair

( 5 Reviews )

Super-strong 1500Pa Suction Power

Freely Cleans From Floor to Carpets

Slim Design 2.7" and 55DB Low Noise

Maximum Suction Adjustment

Picks Up More Pet Hair Than Other Robot Vacuums



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    Fall Protection Technology

    The infrared sensor prevents it from falling off the stairs, ensuring that the robot is always safe to run.                    

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    For All Floor Types

    The BG600 uses rubber surface suction port and double-sided brush that can easily work on carpets, wood floors and tiles.

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    Automatic Charging

    With onboard AI technology, BG600 will automatically return to the charging station when power is low.

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    Magnetic Strip Control

    The Robot will automatically avoid the magnetic strip, so you can put it on the stairway or you don't want it to pass.

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    100 Minutes Runtime

    The BG600 cleans up to 100 mins per charge, and a single charge is enough to bring you a clean home.

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    Multiple Cleaning Modes

    Auto cleaning, scheduled cleaning, spot cleaning, max power cleaning, edge cleaning, single room cleaning.

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    Set a Scheduled Cleaning

    You can schedule the robot to start cleaning at a specified time, but make sure the time is set correctly to your local time.

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    Easily Empty the Dust Bin

    Emptying the dust bin can take just two steps: 1.Press bin release button to remove the bin. 2.Open bin’s door to empty.

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  • Product Name:

    Bagotte BG600

  • Input:

    100-240V AC

  • Max Runtime:

    100 min

  • Charge Time:

    300-360 mins

  • Battery Type:

    DC 14.4 V Li-ion 2600 mAh

  • Dust Collector Capacity:


  • Sensor Technology:


  • Max Suction Power:

    1500 Pa

  • Auto-Dock and Recharge:


  • Ledge Detection:


  • Item Size:

    12.4 x 12.4 x 2.7 inches



Can this robotic vacuum cleaner suck carpets, hardwoods and tiles?

Yes, this robot vacuum can be used to clean carpets, hardwoods and tiles. It is exactly its job.


How long the battery stay?

Maximum working time of the vacuum robot is 100 minutes after each charge; Normal life of the battery is more that 2 years.


I want to know if this robot can be used on the second floor because there is a staircase on the second floor of my house. I am worried that the robot

This smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has infrared capture technology, automatically detects stairs and obstacles, then re-plans the route to complete the task, 360 degrees of spinning to prevent robot from collision & danger. You could also put the magnetic stripe in front the stairs to prevent robot from falling.


If I leave my room doors open,will it clean the every room or it will just stay in a room?

It all depends your choice on the remote control. There are 5 cleaning modes, when switched into Single Room Mode, the robot vacuum cleaner would just stay in a room; when switched into Auto Cleaning Mode, the robot vacuum cleaner would work every where. Better to set the working range with the magnetic stripe.


What is the suctions power?

There are 2 different suctions power of the vacuum robot: 1000 Pa under general cleaning Mode, 1500 Pa under MAX Mode.


BG600 Manual.pdf


( 5 Reviews )

Robotic cleaner: really good!

Roberto 05-22-2019


If this is a robot please bring me more!! I did not know robot cleaner existed for so many years but it really impressed me! I left it yesterday working while I was at work and the living room is completely clean!! The suction is enough for getting plenty of dirt!

Great piece of gadget

Pappikers 05-20-2019


Bought this to replace an (high end) Auto Pilot that was heavily discounted, which I loved that stopped working properly after a year. The place I got it from no longer sells the so I couldn't have a replacement. This bagotte is better than I expected and in some ways better. It's easier to set up, comes with spare sweeper brushes (they do need replacing after a few months as they get straggley), is quieter and thinner (so it gets under a few more things), and moves quicker. And he found his way home very easily - he's kept in a corner of the dining room.

Where it's not so good is that I can't tell it what days to start cleaning automatically - it's all or nothing. I like Robert The Spruce to go to work at 8am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I let him loose upstairs on a Saturday. It's not a deal breaker, I'll turn him off the days I don't want him to work so he still does the automatic three days downstairs. The only other thing is that the bumpers at the front don't seem so robust or gentle - though I fancy he's better an not bumping into things.

A robot vacuum has given me so much time back, I wouldn't be without one. I totally recommend this one.

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