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Bagotte BSJ80

Bagotte Masticating Juicer machines with Reverse Function, Easy to clean, Quiet Motor

( 5 Reviews )

Upgrade Spiral System & Slow Speed Grinding

Multi-purpose for Fruits & Veggies

Reverse Function and Easy To Clean

Quiet Motor & Non-slip base

Safer & Easier Operation



Juice Improves Health

Why Juice?

Fruits and veggies are good for us – we all know that. But have you ever thought about how to make these foods even more advantageous to your body, health and life?

Health Benefits of Juicing

Juicing helps improve the digestive system and cleanse the acne or excessive oils on the skin.

Juicing helps you easily ingest the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Juicing will make you more conscious about your nutrition and will help you lose weight.

Reasons to Choose Us

  • ·Extract up to 90% juice/span>

  • ·Juice fresh with less foam

  • ·Plastic BPA Free, Food Grade

  • ·Quiet Operation and Longer Life

  • ·Easy to Clean and Disassemble

Original Taste

The spiral system and precision filters to avoid oxidation and reduce nutrient loss during the juicing extraction process.

  • 3.jpg

    Easy to Clean & Disassemble

    One-touch disassembly allows you to disassemble the juicer in seconds, all detachable parts of the juicer are dishwasher-free.

  • 2-2.jpg

    Reverse Function

    Press "ON" key to start to work. Press"Reverse" spin to release ingredients. Helps to clean the machine without Clogging.

  • 1-2.jpg

    High-Purity & Fresher Juices

    Extracts high nutrients from fruits and vegetables in juice, separating the pulp from the juice and leaving less juice residues.


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  • Voltage


  • Power


  • Rated Frequency

    60 Hz

  • Size

    16.14 x 6.5 x 13.5 inch

  • Weight

    about 7.05 lb



How does it juice celery?

Bagotte slow juicer can extract various of vegetables and fruits. Including celery.


How about pulp?

You will get a lot of juice, the pulp is very dry.


Can it squeeze wheatgrass juice?

Sure, it's great for pressing wheatgrass.


Is it difficult to disassemble?

It has one button assemble removal function, you can separate the accessories from the host by pressing that button. It saves time.


What is the best way to clean the machine?

You can wash immediately after use. Put soap in water and wash with a cleaning brush.


Bagotte BSJ80 User Manual.pdf


( 5 Reviews )

Powerful & fast juicer

Powerful & fast juicer 12-28-2019


This is a very powerful and fast juicer! I had difficulties with the previous one, it quickly clogged and washed very hard, in the end I had to spend a lot of time. Now everything is quick and easy. I chose and considered various options for a long time and was not mistaken!

Simple to use Juicer!

Jon G. 12-21-2019


I've tried out this juicer after trying a couple other Bagotte products. I love smoothies (have a Ninja blender), and also love my juices. I own multiple juicers, and for the price point. This juicer works incredibly well. In short, the juicer functions well, but cleaning and re-assemblying the product is a difficult. This makes the juicer worthwhile for large batch juices, and less ideal for juicing a single glass at a time.

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